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About Tonia Badasci

About Tonia Badasci

Massage Therapist, Physical Therapist, Breathwork 

“Tonia’s vast experience and knowledge of the human anatomy were very impressive, and she showed a true dedication to ensuring that I walked away without any back pain. Very highly recommended!” -C. M., Nashville, TN

“After a number of years dealing with a lower back issue and residual tightness from a frozen shoulder, a few sessions with Tonia has put me far along the road to alleviating these issues.” -L. C., Nashville, TN

“Tonia’s techniques combine so many creative methods that are far better than what I have ever experienced in a single person’s technique.” -J.D., Nashville, TN


My fascination with how the body moves and functions began when I started working as a massage therapist, and continued to grow as a physical therapist.  While working in an outpatient physical therapy clinic, I became trained in manual therapy and was using my skills to help people recover after surgery, with chronic problems such as neck and back pain, and with many different orthopedic ailments ranging from hip, shoulder, ankles, hand, knee issues, to general physical conditioning.  I returned to massage therapy because it allowed me the one-on-one time with each individual that I felt was necessary for an integrative approach that would allow for true healing.

The primary focus of my work is on helping people figure out how to overcome or manage physical conditions that they have been struggling with and what they can do to help themselves while on that journey.  Having personally overcome some of the physical conditions that my clients are battling, such as neck and back pain, anxiety, body aches, sleeplessness and systemic inflammation, I want others to know that it CAN get better!