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Yoga and bodywork- a perfect healing synergy

One of my favorite things is my one on one time with Rachel, an Iyengar yoga instructor and friend who I have been working with for 3 years now. In working with her, I’ve learned everything from the right way to stand and plant my feet to what “dysfunctional” tendencies my body leans toward.  But the things I learn in our sessions together is not limited only to 60 minutes a week or every two weeks.  What I’ve noticed is that it carries over into my life in general: in how I stand when I work with clients, in recognizing when I need to raise my arms overhead and stretch, in broadening my collar bones while I’m driving.  Body awareness is now a part of my life and it feels natural to make these subtle corrections.  The carry-over from my private instruction to everyday life has been life changing.

The past year I have been self-rehabbing a back injury and anyone who has had a similar experience may understand the anxiety and fear that often accompany the process.  In my sessions with Rachel there were times when I felt panic and wanted to give in to the fear and stop whatever it was that we were doing.  One particular pose got me crying more than once!  The crying was not out of pain or discomfort, but the emotion that was intertwined with what I was going through.  It was a weird, yet eye opening, experience that gave me insight and an understanding of how I may be going through life avoiding feeling this “pain” outside of the physical realm. I deeply believe this pain was ready to be acknowledged, so it manifested in a physical way.

I love bodywork because it gives you an objective perspective: “Your glutes are weak, so your hamstrings are working too hard making them tight” or “your back feels tight because you’ve been doing too many forwardbends when you need to be working on backbends”.  The assessment gives you an understanding of what’s going on.  When you bring yoga into the picture, now you are taking responsibility. Yoga gives you ways to work on muscular imbalances.  You can now integrate what you’ve learned to heal yourself.  You can liken it to calcium not being absorbed without magnesium, or needing all the proteins to make a complete protein.  It’s reinforcement through action.  Integration makes the process complete.

My back (and myself in general) is in such a better state than it was a year ago!  I’d say 85% better.  Now I want everyone to experience the benefits of private yoga instruction (particularly Iyengar yoga).  So this year, Rachel and I are offering bodywork/yoga packages so that you can experience the benefits of this synergy yourself.



Private yoga instruction and one bodywork session
(60 minutes each)

Payment can be made through PayPal goods/services to:
Equilibrium Bodywork or [email protected]
*Please include your name, email address and the best phone number to reach you.
If this is a gift, please include the recipients name and where you want the gift certificate emailed to (you or the recipient).

Alternative:  Call Tonia at 615-397-2394 with credit card number

Questions?  Contact Rachel Mathenia, Iyengar Yoga Instructor
615-260-8691, [email protected]
Tonia Badasci, Licensed Massage and Physical Therapist
615-397-2394, [email protected]





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