Add support to your spine while you sit by doing this maneuver

Trunk trans ab green

With all the sitting we do in the Digital Age, some really important muscles get weak, even if you sit for only a few hours a day.  The next few blog posts will be about deep layer muscles that contribute to spinal stability which, when weak, can lead to problems far from the original site of weakness.  These stabilizing muscles are needed to prevent injuries, whether we’re

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Why Won’t I Just Do It Already?!

Excitement is powerful.  It can sweep you into a current that leads you to manifest your dreams.  Hidden desires surface and ideas flow freely.  The fact that we feel excitement about anything, whether planning a trip, making a career change, or learning a new language, is a clue that we have it in us to accomplish

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What to Look for in Food Labels


I think that when people first meet me, they probably make the assumption that I’ve always been one of those annoying health nuts.  Would you have guessed that although I’m only in my thirties, that there was a time when I stumbled around in a brain fog, had a hard time getting out of bed in the morning and that

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