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Get a better understanding of how your body operates, and with increased clarity determine what your next step will be. Tonia Badasci is a licensed massage therapist in Nashville, TN with a masters in physical therapy.

How do you know we're a good fit?

  •  you’re frustrated with a chronic physical condition, and would like some insight as to what can be done to manage it.  Massage, although it feels good, offers temporary relief.  You need medically-based bodywork, specific to your problems, done by someone experienced in working with orthopedic conditions and surgeries.
  • You want to be able to work out, run, practice yoga, look over your shoulder, or drive without aches, catches, or pain.  You are looking to improve overall function, and want to be able to enjoy doing the things that you like to do.
  • You feel anxious, angry, or irritated a lot and lack confidence in yourself.  You’d like to get out of your rut, but don’t know where to begin.

”Massage does not describe what Tonia does. As a trained Physical Therapist, coupled with Massage Therapy and Breathwork, her treatments top the scales in bodywork.”  -S.R., Nashville, TN

“Tonia relieved more pain from my ankle in an hour than from 7 months of doctor visits and physical therapists. It’s been 5 weeks and the pain is still gone! I tell all of my friends about her.” -J. E., Nashville, TN

“Tonia helps me to understand the root of my pains and imbalances and she does it in a compassionate and direct way….I have learned so much important information about myself from her and not just physical but also mental and emotional.” -R. M., Nashville, TN